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In the course of a week, America went from annoyance and shame at our monstrous embassy in Iraq being protested and attacked (sort of) to shitting its pants after President Trump ordered a drone hit on a special General in Iran because finally, finally America looked to have droned or bombed someone who could punch back. The chicken littles tweeted that WW3 was coming. Besides neocons and Likudniks, all prayed that no wider war would happen. Tuesday night saw a tame response from Iran. By Wednesday morning, it was in our rear view. It’s a win for Trump. The space between was chaotic magic.

One of our writers will cover the strange way new media and social media played with this, but we got our taste for what a real conflict would be like in our hyper-anxious society. The selective service website was overloaded. We have been at war for…

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