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Isn’t it true though? You all saw how fast the satellite photos came out on TWITTER of Iran’s pinpoint strikes on the US airbase. Less than 12 hours! With the PS752 plane crash though…”Oh Iran’s air defenses might have shot it down,” “Oh we have credible intel from 2 anonymous sources.”

Trump claimed that Iran may have shot the plane down by accident. He claimed that it was “a rough neighborhood,” but he stopped short of blaming Iran outright.

Canadian PM J.Trudeau cited two anonymous sources who supposedly brought him “credible” evidence that Iran may have shot down PS752. Beware of gifts by the American/Israeli intelligence cottage industry.

The plane crash happened approximately 4 hours after the rocket barrage on the US airbase.

Several things should now be considered

The American satellite web does not have the ability to provide 24/hr full spectrum coverage of Iran.

American satellites are not…

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