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“…Years chanting, worshiping gurus and taking magic mushrooms may appear at surface to be a detour on the road to success, but research is beginning to indicate that these activities, and others like them, may be beneficial to our ability to “think differently”… Friedland and Jobs’ ability to think differently from their peers and marry technical excellence with visionary thinking has yielded world-altering results”

SM:..I have always felt that Steve Jobs, much maligned personally as he was, somehow found himself in the crosshairs of the only real war that has ever plagued mankind – that being the war against human potential & ‘consciousness’…

Sex, Drugs & Reality Distortion – By Jamie Keech 

It’s 1972, the US is withdrawing from Vietnam and the Godfather has just been released.

A Reed College dropout is on his way to meet a new student at his dorm-room to sell…

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