Banned Hipster

The “left” is barely able to keep its cover anymore.

Twice similar things have happened since 9/11. The big anti-Iraq-war coalition, ANSWER (Act Now To Stop War And End Racism) back in 2003/2004 was constantly having to police their own ranks because so many people knew the wars were for Israel. So the focus was always on Bush and the non-Jewish neo-cons in the administration. They had to keep silent any mention of Palestine because it put their own leadership right in the spotlight.

When the Occupy Wall Street protests happened, the same thing. The lefty organizers had to keep policing people for “anti-semitisms.” It got so bad that they actually had to create a spinoff, called “Occupy Judaism,” which literally had rabbis policing the protestors and telling them when and where they could hold their protests. I think “Occupy Judaism” is still online – worth taking a trip…

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