IRAN was Right. Quick Overview of Recent Events.

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Maybe it’s time for the White House to stop enabling rogue CIA/Mossad agents from sabotaging civilian airliners. Just a thought.

It was only yesterday or two days ago that the Iranian parliament approved a bill that designated all US forces as a terrorist organization. This was the result from a US drone strike which killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.  Trump threatened to kill Iranian civilians, and now Iran has been proven right.  172 civilians have died in a plane crash.

Prior to this, 1 US civilian mercenary was killed by Katyusha rockets. No-one took credit for that attack, but the US claimed that they found an abandoned white pickup truck with Katyusha launchers in the cab. Before Iraqi investigators could even find attribution to the rocket strikes, the US quickly blamed Iran + Iraqi fighters called Hattab Hizbullah.  According to some sources on the internet, the Katyusha rocket launchers on…

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