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I predicted it the day that Trump announced he was running for President. On the old AS blog, my co-bloggers and I, nearly alone in the White-O-Sphere, always said that Trump was a stalking horse for Likud. We constantly pointed out Trump’s regular attacks on Obama over his Iran policy and how Trump was faithfully stovepiping Israeli/Likud propaganda to the American public via his famous Twitter account and his media appearance on The View and Howard Stern.

It was obvious then, and it is obvious now. It could have been predicted by anyone who was paying attention to the facts, as opposed to the “Alt Right” online Trump astro-turf campaign.

What Is Donald Trump,, July 17, 2015

There is nothing about Trump’s past, nor the way he made his fortune, that suggests he is ‘conservative’ or sensitive to the struggles of most Americans. Despite…

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