The Leaked Breitbart Emails Show How The Online ‘Alt Right’ Was Invented By Israelis.

Banned Hipster

It’s astonishing how in denial some people are. We know that was “conceived in Israel.”

Over the years various emails have leaked as we see the Breitbart operation reaching out to various right-wing and ostensibly pro-white bloggers and figures.

One of the most prolific Alt-Right ‘Tweeters’ called Ricky Vaughn was eventually doxed as a professional Republican party activist. At his height he had a massive audience and was considered one of the most influential “Alt Right” pro-Trump voices.

Named for the Charlie Sheen character in ‘Major League,’ Ricky Vaughn was among the top influencers promoting the alt-right in the lead up to the the 2016 election. An MIT study conducted during the 2016 presidential election primaries found that his Twitter was more significant and persuasive than NBC News, the Democratic Party, even Stephen Colbert.

On the old…

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