Terror Pure Terror


In 2020, it feels like we’ve reached a new level of tension. Nearly everyone’s talking about the possibility of WWIII breaking out, after the criminal American attacks on Iran.

While Trump threatens war crimes and destroying historical sites, Australia’s still on fire, with devastating consequences for our planet.

The pictures below are apocalyptic.

Quite Literally Watching Your World BurnSo Tired After Spotting A Koala Crossing A Road Amongst The Flames A Woman Rushed To The Animal’s Aid, Wrapping It In Her Shirt And Pouring Water Over ItTo Our Nation's True Heroes - The Thousands Of Firefighters Currently Battling Fires Across Our Country, We Thank You From The Bottom Of Our HeartsAustralia FiresThe Kangaroo Is Drenched In Water After Approaching A Human For HelpExhausted Firefighters In AustraliaAustralian Hillside Glows Like Lava After Being Consumed By BushfireSince The Fire Has Passed Through Mallacoota This Amazing, Selfless Young Guy Has Been Out Searching For Injured Wildlife. This Is One Of 7 Koalas He's Saved So FarAmazingly Surreal Photo Of The Bush Fire In AustraliaBushfire EvacuationThis Fire Fighter (And All Ff’s) Saving The People, Animals, And Homes In AustraliaThe Boy Helps The Stricken Kangaroo6 Deaths. 2.2 Million Hectares Burnt. 680 Homes Destroyed. Countless Animals Lost. And No End In Sight...I'm So Proud Of My Country, Our Volunteer Firefighters Are Legends In Their Own CategoryA Picture One Of The Local Postmen Took From His Front Yard. This Was In ForsterOver A 1000 People Forced Onto A Beach By Out Of Control Fires. They Are Surrounded With No Escape Except To Swim11-Year-Old Finn Piloting A PowerboatNo Filters. Australia Is Red From Wildfires3D “Visualisation” Of The Fires In Australia, Made From Nasa Satellite DataAustralia fires should be the spotlight in the news worldwide, not the dangerous American Nazi.

He should be in jail for the world to focus on saving our planet.

This Is A Pyrocumulus Cloud Produced By Smoke From The Australian Bushfires. It’s 12km High. It Produces Its Own Thunderstorms, Fire Tornadoes And 100km/H WindsThis is a Pyrocumulus Cloud produced by smoke from the Australian bushfires. It’s 12km high. It produces its own thunderstorms, fire tornadoes and 100km/H winds. This is NOT a good thing…

Brave people all over Australia are VOLUNTARILY fighting day in, day out to keep lives and homes safe. Firefighters need global support more than ever.

Image result for australia foresThis should be our one and only focus.

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