Ritualized Humiliation Of A Conquered People

Banned Hipster

Excellent. The illustrations in the Twitter thread and their exposition in this article are spot-on.

Humiliation is associated with strong feelings of powerlessness

CIA’s post-9/11 torture regime was intended to induce “learned helplessness” and included not just physical torture but sexual and religious humiliation. The two psychologists who designed it, consulted by Douglas Feith, described it as such.

One might notice the similarities to the ritualized sexual humiliation of white girls and women in pornography which uses not just the old fashioned techniques of a pimp, but also, by broadcasting it to the world, is meant to humiliate the ethnicity as a whole. It’s not different than a conquering army forcing fathers and husbands to watch as their daughters and wives are raped.

I recall a Charles Bronson movie where the villain, just about to torture the hero, says “a woman must be made to remove her own clothes…

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