Noam Chomsky, Curtis Yarvin & Other Zionist Gatekeepers

Banned Hipster

I read a number of Chomsky’s books in college. I took them at face value, but as I got older I realized Chomsky’s basic motivation.

He wrote thousands of pages about “the corporate media” and never once discussed the ethnic agenda. Just look at what happened to Rick Sanchez.

When JFK documents were to be released in the late 80s and the film JFK renewed interest in the story, Chomsky wrote a book titled “The Myth of Camelot” trying to tear down JFK’s aura on the left, and trying to undermine the case that JFK’s assassination had something to do with Vietnam. It’s likely because he was worried some of the Jewish crime figures and Israeli-firsters involved in the assassination might get some publicity.

In the late 90s, all of a sudden Chomsky was writing about the Kurds and attacking Turkey for suppressing them. Not coincidentally, this was at…

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