Impeachment: The Senate Trial

The American Sun

The Democrats got their vote. It couldn’t even dominate the media cycle for a week. It might be the most boring thing to discuss at the moment. Middle East mischief has upstaged it. Congress will return from their winter recess, and we will get to see a Senate trial.

Maybe not. Sen. Josh Hawley wants to dismiss it entirely. I bet the GOPers who are deeply compromised wish it dismissed, too. There will be no conviction so why would they want dirty laundry aired that they are creators of. If they make it go away soon, no one within their corrupt circle will be harmed. Sure intel community people have lost their jobs but what else? No one goes to jail. No one on the inside suffers even when caught red-handed.

If President Trump’s team did push hard for witnesses and a lengthy explanation for why investigations were requested…

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