Monsey Slashing. Isn’t This Odd? (Info)

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Can you say the word God without hesitation? One of the things that I learned at age 11 was to never say the lord’s name in vain.  I learned this in Disneyland, of all places, from my cousin who was younger than I, and it was a lesson that I will always love. She was scolding me for swearing.

But if in a friendly context with no application of hatred, misdirection, malice or guilt, is it sacrilege to say the word God? What about Jesus? Not in my opinion because if we restrict our speech in such a way that prevents us from saying the words God and Jesus, it causes others to doubt. This leads to uncertainty and it invites ridicule which most of us would rather do without. It negatively impacts the legitimacy of the of the bible and it causes people to stray away from the path…

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