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“Humiliation with a big H denies the social world of normalized encounter. In fact, it humiliates by virtue of this denial. It tells the victims that all social norms are suspended in dealings with them because they are not human.” – William Ian Miller, “Humiliation and Other Essays on Honor, Social Discomfort, and Violence”

The air was jubilant in many of those summer months of ’44, the tide was turning. The Germans, the dreaded Nazi war machine, was on the retreat as the Allies in the west pushed them back town-by-town out of the fields of France. The shame of humiliating defeat and the occupation by the Germans was finally coming to a close; now would be the time of celebration. People could breathe freely in the air again. They could speak freely again. Love freely again. Be free people again. And to celebrate this joyous occasion they would…

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