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I. Commodification

“if apostates and unbelievers can put up Christmas trees in blatant appropriation of my culture i can say the n word

“change my mind, retards”

The “War on Christmas” was rigged from the start. It was an in-joke everyone but the Boomers and Boomers-in-spirit knew, because only Boomers had the fatal lack of comprehension required to even identify something as supposedly natural as Progress as a “war” of any sort. For the case of the “War on Christmas”, they made the mistake of not comprehending identity politics – and without this comprehension, one cannot understand consumptive identity politics (namely, I am who I am because of what I buy). Consumptive identity politics is one of those fatal Pandora’s Box memes in the same spirit of irony – once it’s out society is forever changed (imagine sincereposting without knowing what irony is), and generations that don’t…

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