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“…If Fentanyl, Inc. does have a primary antagonist, it’s the Chinese government. Virtually all of the fentanyls that have flooded the United States in recent years have been manufactured in China, where many NPS are legal, an arrangement that allows legitimate businesses to churn them out on a scale inconceivable to illicit drug makers in North America. This process has been heavily underwritten… by “lucrative tax incentives, subsidies, and direct financial support” from the Chinese government”

How Chemists, Chinese Factories, and ‘Dark Web’ Dealers Spread Fentanyl Across the US – By Daniel Kolitz

Ben Westhoff’s Fentanyl, Inc. is one of the first books to address what the Centers for Disease Control has called the “third wave” of the opioid crisis,
Tablets suspected to be fentanyl are placed on a graph to measure their size at the Drug Enforcement Administration Northeast Regional Laboratory in New York, 2019…

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