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In response to: “Anti-immigrationism, Pro-Swedish Party Now Sweden’s most Popular – for First Time” in The New American; and “Shock Poll Has Sweden Nationalists More Emboldened Than Ever” in Bloomberg

The two articles linked above were written in reaction to a sudden surge in support for the Sweden Democrats (SwD) party in November 2019. As the article in The New American explains, support for this far-right party in Sweden is largely the effect of dramatic increases in immigration to Sweden in recent years.

This article describes how, for the long-culturally-homogeneous country of Sweden, a sudden surge in immigration (predominantly of Muslims) has been a cultural shock for Sweden. Therefore, it is unsurprising, if disappointing, to see a rise in support among Swedes for an anti-immigration party, which advocates for a ‘Swexit.’

What is unique and interesting about this Swedish case of far-right populism, though, is the fact that, as…

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