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In response to: “The EU and the Misguided Reaction to Nationalist Movements”

This blog has tried to acknowledge the inability of many mainstream observers to try to understand right-wing populist voices. What good is it if merely one blog does this, though, if the European Commission President himself fails to do so.

The article linked above by Daniel Strand discusses exactly this event in reaction to the following comments from Jean-Claude Juncker in reaction to a question about rising nationalism in Europe: “What is wrong with them? These populists, these nationalists, these stupid nationalists.”

Such a message coming from a face of the EU – a message very much reminiscent of something a right-wing populist leader might direct at the left-wing establishment or at Muslim migrants – is so obviously feeding into the divisions which nationalists try to create in Europe.

Strand’s approach to Juncker’s comments could perhaps be taken…

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