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This video was posted by Urbanmoving on Bitchute.  I don’t know Urbanmoving nor am I promoting his channel.  I’m certain that Urbanmoving found this video on Facebook and reposted it on Bitchute.  The marine in this video says that he rides his bike down this street at 5 am every day, and the Jewish deli where the shooting happened had front facing windows.  He claims that the windows had always been covered by cardboard boxes, implying that the deli had been operating as a front for something else entirely.

https://  www  .bitchute  .com/video/ALEo3S43zJok/

The man in this video also echoes the belief shared by other Jersey City residents, that property values are being targeted by sharks who do shady things to buy up all the property.

He believes that the shooters were trained in a special discipline that is not common with street gangs. The weapons the shooters brought with…

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