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This week, Johnny is joined by Matteo El Distolero from The Skinwalker Tapes for a discussion on Global Warming and Climate Change. What are they? How long have they been tracked? Are they even real? Why do they want to tax cow farts and how is that even possible? Who was Kalergi, what was his plan, and (((who))) is implementing it? Finally, the goys discuss the spurious history and the completely astroturfed campaign of the newest MKUltra sweetheart, Greta Thunberg. Get /comfy/ Goyim, and let’s talk about the weather, shall we?

With: Johnny Monoxide

Guest: Matteo El Distolero

Check him out at: Yakov Alive on YouTube, @Distolero_Verde on Twitter, and this nibba admins several Facebook pages, so look for him if you’re still on Facebook

Music break: Replacement Rate, by FEMA Camp Bandleader

Creepypasta: Project Icarus, read by Johnny Monoxide

We’re all on Twitter! @paranormiespod (Johnny’s Twitter got shoah’d: F)

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