Why The Fortune 500 Is Woke

Banned Hipster

Eugyppius says:

At first it seemed strange to me, that capital should be woke, but in retrospect capital has wanted to be woke for a long time, and in fact it makes a great deal of sense. Wokeness is just the leftist drive for equality and tolerance without the confiscatory/ redistributionist/ socialist economic program. Of course it is kind of unexpected, how amenable and attractive capital finds leftism to be, once it has been denuded of everything it had to say about money and property and the means of production. Leftism was supposed to be the death of capital, but now that capital is allowed to be leftist and keep its money, leftism is everything that capital wants. The reasons seem to be the usual boring ones: Leftists have become natural supporters of immigration and feminism and open borders; and all of these things keep wages low and ensure the…

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