How Republicans and Democrats Are Misrepresenting the Real Deep State

Banned Hipster

Ever since Trump won the idea of a “deep state” started gaining currency among pro-Trumpers. The mass media first attacked this talking point as a “conspiracy theory” only to later start claiming that yes, there is a Deep State and it’s good that the Deep State is “protecting democracy from Trump.”

Both Republicans and Democrats have decided that the “Deep State” is really just the federal bureaucracy; this is because this idea supports the narrative of both Republicans and Democrats. Republicans pretend they are for small government and against the “bureacrats in Washington.” Democrats like to see themselves as supporters of “good government.”

So you see the QAnon type Trumpers claiming that Donald Trump, along with the Patriotic Military, is fighting an occult battle with the federal bureacrats, still under the power of the Clintons. Meanwhile, the Democrats have become the party of the CIA and the FBI, praising “the…

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