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Americans have just exited the multi-month season where the media and diligent foot soldiers of the left harass them about celebrating their heritage of discovering the continent and founding the nation. This is a season in the progressive calendar. This leads into the war on Christmas during December, which then flows into the MLK glorification in January that launches us into black history month in February. Starting in October, Columbus is criticized. Following up on this, Thanksgiving is turned into a denigration of the pilgrims who we formerly turned into our foundational myth for arriving, struggling but persevering in a harsh, new land. The growing Mexican contingent in America means the media and academia can condemn all conquistadors and glamorize all pre-Columbian tribes. This is textbook leftist inversion. It is also whitewashing of the current allies of the most devious sort.

Foundational myths are important. They tie a nation together…

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