Understanding The CIA And The Deep State

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The CIA started as the OSS. It was created by FDR to fight World War II. It was a sister organization to Britain’s MI5/6 and was infiltrated from the very beginning by the British Empire.

The late, great Charles Lindbergh had it completely correct: World War II was a project of the FDR administration, the British, and the Jews.

So what was the OSS? Basically it was a network of WASP bankers and Jews. The WASPs were the smartest, richest, most powerful people in America – really, the best America has to offer. They were all Freemasons and fraternity brothers from Ivy League schools and old money networks. They had international contacts.

What you have to understand is that these were bankers. People truly do not get how banking works, how finance works. Finance is how people cooperate and how people organize themselves. Bankers know how much money people…

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