Impeachment: Walking the Plank

The American Sun

Impeachment came and went. Likely half the Democrat base woke up to find out Trump was still president. Stock market rose. Life went on. The flimsy nature of this impeachment and Trump’s own statements somehow diminished the gravitas of the idea of impeachment. Even the idea of X% support impeachment compared to Clinton or Nixon at Y date means less now since starting at his inauguration roughly the same percentage of Americans wanted him impeached without any evidence of anything. Monmouth University polls go back to 2017 where 40% of Americans thought Trump should be impeached. These are irrational times. This is all a lame, broken-down circus. Possibly the wildest part of all of this was the odd press conference where Rep. Pelosi appeared to stroke out.

Speaker Pelosi did get her caucus to all walk the plank. This is in reference to the thirty one Democrats sitting in…

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