America on the Ropes

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December 20, 2019

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America on the Ropes

Paul Craig Roberts

The impeachment proceedings orchestrated by the idiot House Democrats with the aid of the corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA and presstitute media have been a boon for Republican fundraising.

Jews such as Schiff and Nadler have created the impression for the average gentile American that Jews do not accept that “Trump Deplorables” are qualified to elect their own President, and that Schiff and Nadler intend to overturn the election outcome as it was the result of people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Jennifer Rubin adds to this impression with her article, “American Jewish Voters Still Despise Trump,” in The Washington Post.

This impression is very unfortunate for Jews as it will create anti-semitism even though not all Jews are supportive of Schiff and…

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