Using Google Will Decrease Your IQ. Here’s How You Do It!

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Here are the top results on Google when searching for illegal immigrant rapes and murders. WOW! JUST WOW!

The NPR article cites 4 studies that claim that illegal immigrants have virtually no impact on rising crime rates. But if you pair that with parallel assertions by other sites like QUARTZ, theGuardian, and CNN, it gives off the false impression that illegal immigrants decrease the crime per capita in the United States.

The paper by the CATO Institute is the one that gets the most attention. In the paper it states:

Illegals – 6.4% of the population in Texas. 5.9% of homicide convictions.

Legal immigrants – 10.% of the population in Texas. 3.8% homicide convictions.

Native born Americans – 83% of the population in Texas. 90.3% homicide convictions.

But then you witness first hand the AGENDA that aims to blame the victim (America), instead of the perpetrator (the murderer).

A 32…

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