Reddit Thread On UK Elections Shows How Pro-Whites Could Sweep Elections If They Adopted Populist Economics

Banned Hipster

It’s amusing to read the reddit comments about the Tory landslide in the UK elections.

Of all the left wing redditors crying about the conservative victory, there are clearly two themes:

  1. Everyone is racist, sexist, homophobic Islamophobic and xenophobic.
  2. Working class people “vote against their own economic interests.”

Isolate the point 1 leftists from the point 2 leftists and we’d win. Essentially, you want to isolate the anti-white coalition.

Young white “progressives” are convinced that socialism and the welfare state are good things. Why wouldn’t they? We have “socialism for the rich” in Western countries. Rich bankers get bailouts. Whenever wages start rising, the Federal Reserve rigs the interest rates to cause unemployment. Even poor people pay a lot in taxes to subsidize big business, military contractors, and bailout bankers.

So, the “Berniebro” types – correctly – think, hey if the rich get all of these bailouts and subsidies…

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