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Election 2020 has an overt spook turned puppet politician running for the presidency with small city mayor Pete Buttigieg becoming a pawn in the great game. This is a continuation of the fad of election 2018. In that election dozens of former spooks ran for office under the Democrat banner. The regime did not want to rely on proxies and wants reliable representation. This has come in handy for the Agency op of 2019 “Color Revolution USA”.

Elissa Slotkin was one of those ex-CIA candidates. Menaquinone was right about CIA expectations vs. reality is neither fit nor sexy a la Hollywood messaging. She won her race by a slim margin as did the other Michigan seat that flipped Democrat in ’18. This was in a large GOTV effort that generated voter participation levels that had not been seen in 100 years. She was initially gung ho about impeachment but…

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