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It’s a mess over on the left, much worse than it is over at the right. It all starts with this tweet.

Alright, so that’s the intro to get the ball rolling.

@theminorchords is a Liz Warren supporter.

Bill Kristol is a Neocon. Neocons back in the Clinton/Bush/Obama eras were hardcore right wingers. They pushed for wars, they pushed ALOT of fake news, they talked trash about muslims, whites, blacks, asians, LGBT, and latinos. Bill Kristol is now a left winger, or at least he now panders to left wingers because he hates Trump. He hates Trump because Trump won’t launch a war against Russia.

Buttigieg is a left wing presidential hopeful. He’s running for the Democrat nomination, and his numbers are rising.

Kamalla is out, Swalwel is out, De Blasio is out, and Beto is out. I think Castro is out, but who cares, no one likes him. That…

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