Apologia Pro Runica

The Sperg Box

(What follows is the conclusion to a big think on Runes I’ve led elsewhere. But the basis fits, so here’s this excerpt.)

It would take much more than a month to do a dive sufficiently deep into the Runes. It bears reminding that the common and accepted history of the Runes is flawed, as are the majority of popular hermeneutics available to the undiscerning consumer of Clown World. Common wisdom makes several flawed assertions. Common wisdom suggests that the Runes were entirely extinct roughly before and after Christendom. Common wisdom suggests that our Race’s usage of the Runes was markedly inferior in literary and comprehensive value to the Graeco-Roman “Alpha-Beta” (which is in itself formulaic, like the Runes.) Common wisdom suggests there are three versions of the Runes, the Elder and Younger FuÞarks, and the Anglo-Saxon FuÞorc. That is a poorly intentioned lie. There were many historical adaptations, a Danish…

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