Impeachment: A Dud

The American Sun

It happened. Before Speaker Pelosi could control every single Democrat, one, from a very safe Democrat district, stated that the Democrats should censure, not impeach Trump. This is the bind that Democrats are in. Pelosi tried to corral the psychopaths as she recognized the Mueller Investigation was to catch a process crime, straightjacket Trump, shift the midterms in the Ds’ favor and hide intel community malfeasance. Rep. Nadler wanted a show… he failed. Rep. Schiff wanted a show… he failed. The Democrats now have to press forward and get no payoff or stop the impeachment train and face an angry base.

Predictit is a thin market but even impeachment there has trailed off. The testimony ended up benefiting Trump by showing nerds upset over the president not doing what they wanted. The two sides are hardened and there is very little left to the middle but that middle…

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