Digital Empire

The dynamics in this internet conversation reveals the raggedness of the brainwashed psyche.  Is it not better to have peace than it is to have conflict?

On September 11, 2001, when 2 planes hit the World Trade Centers, the American military put into action a series of pre-made plans, that saw the deployment of American soldiers into the Middle East, to tackle what the media claimed was the “persistent threat” to life and liberty.  But the day before, on Sept 10, this conference had taken place.  $2.3 trillion in Pentagon transactions untrackable due to the size and the convoluted structure of the payment processing system.

Tens of thousands of troops were sent to Afghanistan to commit genocide.

Nov 2001  1,300 troops

Dec 2001  2,300 troops

March 2002 7,200 troops

April 2004   20,300 troops

Dec 2006    20,000 troops

Dec 2007   25,000 troops

May 2009  50,000 troops

August 2010  100,000 troops


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