Israel’s detention of Palestinian children is ‘completely preventable,’ says US congresswoman

Betty McCollum continues to rally support for bill that would stop US aid to Israel from being used in abuses of Palestinian minors.

By Ali Harb  |  Middle East Eye  | Nov 20, 2019

‘Children are being used as pawns to get their parents and those fighting for the liberation of the Palestinian people. But it’s also a means for conditioning these children to believe that they are not worthy of respect, that they are less-then, that they are not entitled to basic human rights.’
— Reverend Aundreia Alexander, associate general secretary for action and advocacy at the National Council of Churches

The Israeli army’s mistreatment of Palestinian children is “completely preventable,” a United States congresswoman said, as she urged other lawmakers to support a bill that would prevent American military aid to Israel from being used to abuse Palestinian minors.

“The Israeli system of military detention of Palestinian children…

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