Myth of the 20th Century

Doctor Matthew Rafael Johnson, noted scholar on Russian history, Orthodoxy, and its relationship with the modern world joins us today to discuss the origins of the October Revolution, it geopolitical ramifications, and the parallels of the Soviet Empire with the modern day American one. In his own words, “Professor Johnson’s academic work is dedicated to the delegitimization of the global capitalist system and the demystification of the ideology that justifies it. This is a demonic, serpentine Leviathan spreading the postmodern acid of American-sponsored mass-zombification to the world. The neurotic capitalist ‘liberated the individual,’ only to create the mass-man: a crippled, malformed cipher almost entirely incapable of higher-order thought.”

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 148 – The Russian Revolution and its Consequences – Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson

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