The Sperg Box

if indeed the beginning of magick is perception
than what more really is there to say?
so simple a quandary as one could want
ought wax and flow salubrious splendour
yet here we are by Draupnir chained
with Hugin and Muninn both fleeing field
as Hati and Skoll prowl twilit skies
so came and went our Kali Yuga
unmourned, arrayed in dazzling light
so bright the eye of man was blind’
intent on glutting the dark night ensouled
hark now, lo Ikons from your Golden Age
when Gods and Angels ruled the roost
where Giants and Devils owned the grave
and man was cast about the drift
rolling in the middling sea
with hope and fear to his only guides
but ages come and so they go
evanescent bleeding memories
the ghost-like trail of dead horizons
where stories echo as sombrous tears
silent in their recompense
silver, bronze, and something…

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