7 More Ways To Ride The Tiger

The American Sun

Submitted by GDR

Good ideas are easy to identify. Their potential upsides are an order of magnitude greater than their potential downsides. Don’t think too much of odds, because we can’t reliably predict odds. Instead think of possible outcomes.

Life is an adventure. Think of it as such and setbacks become opportunities. Think to yourself, “How can I turn this to my advantage? How can I use this to benefit myself?” My unique talent is the ability to identify how the tools of the enemy can be turned against them in ways that aren’t immediately obvious as subversion.

There are ways out of every problem you face, you need only apply your creativity to them.

  1. Pretend to be trans for fun and profit.

There is an entire board on Kiwi Farms dedicated to trans networking and collusion. Firms like Google are dominated by the Lavender Mafia. The observation that goon-type…

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