On The Groyper Question

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Submitted by the Antigroyper

The history of online subculture has been an exhaustive story. The internet and “meme economy” allows people to exploit asymmetries in entertainment, culture and information sharing by bypassing traditional market models. Everyone that has researched online subculture knows the saga that is “Pepe the frog” the frog comic character created by Matt Furie. An aesthetic derivative of Pepe, the rotund “Groyper” that sits with his fingers interlocked supporting his chin has seen the spotlight in the past few years.

I was involved with the meme’s original rise to fame and have exclusive sources and screencaps from the original community. So to the on the clock journalists and federal employess that are interested in how cool of a meme this is, or pedestrian reader alike, here’s the story. The meme has been around since in 2016 originating on the /V/ board of 4chan The first known Twitter…

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