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Sometimes it’s nice to take a look at things that you, the individual can do. While it’s important to remember the cause that drives you, whether or not that is Nationalism or not, your own self is important to care after. Chances are good that your movement isn’t going to look after you, for you. Either because your movement is a placebo, as is the case with globalism whose appearance of socialism betrays an enabling and parasitic reality… or any of the counter-currents against globalism, whether they be individualism or whatever-ism.

However, I add this as a special note to any Nationalists who might be reading. It is worth investing in your own future. I realise that there is a tendency towards fatalism and nihilism in our cause. But I wish to make this argument: there is no guarantee that you are going to live to see SHTF, ROHOWA or…

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