Self Defense Against Clown World, Part 2

The American Sun

CounterAttacks: What Works and What Doesn’t

In my last article, I approached some ways we can defend ourselves against the encroaching conglomeration of disparate interests making the Western landscape irrational, so as to render our lives insane, ineffective, and depressed – aka Clown World. The first step is to revoke any consent you gave them to monitor, subvert, and atomize you. A watched employee gets anxiety. A subverted man ends up being der Coomer. The atomized man is effectively dead – or will be, once loneliness ties the noose.

“This is all well and good, Super,” you say, “but it doesn’t solve the problem. Not being poisoned doesn’t get rid of the ones injecting.” You’re right. The problem with taking the Benedict option is, well, it doesn’t do anything to end the persecution. You and I could be spared from the vagaries of Clown World (for a while…

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