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While it may not be a topic of immediate interest to most, it is such a one of great value to me. I see my Dumbbells, my Barbells and Kettlebells every day. It actually wasn’t until fairly recently that I began to wonder about the origin of one of my favourite strength training implements. The word always comforted me, having an unmistakable Anglo-Saxon gleam. Dumbbell. Dumb Bell. I hadn’t a clue how Anglo-Saxon it really is.

The Bell takes us back to England. Why not? In fact, the Dumbbell’s gonna take you straight to Church. In more civilised times, the English had strict social organisations. Chiefly in the form of the village. In the Medieval Era, the Church was the centre of the village. In such times, when the tightly organised English village still rotated around church life, everyone had a specific role in the village.

Enter the Bell Ringer…

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