The Tactics of the Troubles – Part I

The American Sun

In the 1960s the province of Northern Ireland had one of the lowest crime rates in the United Kingdom. The modern day sectarianism that would come to plague that land had not yet erupted and the communities lived side by side, separate but largely at peace. In 1972 alone, 500 people died in the province as the result of sectarian violence. By 1975, tit-for-tat killings by Provos and Loyalists continued unabated. In 1988, Michael Stone launched a one man grenade attack at a funeral for IRA members. The violence was never confined to Northern Ireland. In 1974, Loyalists bombed Dublin and Monagagh. In 1991, the IRA attempted a mortar assassination of the British Prime Minister. In 1996, both London and Manchester were bombed.

In this series the goal is not to answer the question of how Northern Ireland became such a bloody battle ground. The goal is to examine the…

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