Boere Vryheids Beweging

This is a very important question since there are certain Afrikaners “leaders” from the Main stream Afrikaner organizations like the Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus as well as the Soladiriteit and at the same time certain organizations posing as Boer organizations that brings fear to many of our country men among the Boers and Afrikaners, discouraging them to vote for secession. What are the reasons they give to our fellow country men. First they claim that what we are doing is illegal to secede since according to them the Law do not allow secession and self-determination and against International Law. That is plain false. The Article 235 of the South African Constitution clearly defend our right to self determination and right to govern our selves and establish our own independent country based on our language, culture, ethnicity, Identity and heritage, as identified ethnic groups, like the Boers and Afrikaners. Second…

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