Jordan B. Peterson, The Logos, and Free Speech

The American Sun

Today is a rerun from the Thermidor archives.

The emergence of Jordan B. Peterson into the media spotlight of North America has been a very welcome phenomenon. Thrust there by the controversy surrounding his objecting to the aspects of Canada’s Federal Bill C16 which would force him as a professor to use fabricated pronouns for people of various trans and “non-binary” gender identifications, he has become a totem of free-speech and rejection of proliferating SJW campus madness. He has managed to parlay this newfound minor celebrity into a substantial online following of disciples, and used that as a springboard for connecting his ideas about totalitarianism, Marxism, and censorship (which are directly related to the controversy) to a broader body of work on psychology, evolution, mythology, politics, and religion.

From his podcast, lectures, and his substantial number of in-depth interviews with various outlets, one is able to get a good sense…

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