The Triple Goddess in contemporary JEM: Trinity in the Matrix

The Apollonian Transmission

Perhaps one of the more salient and obvious references to the Triple Goddess as a phenomenon identifying the Aryan woman becoming Jewess appears in the Matrix series. There we find the female figure Trinity, played by actress Carrie-Ann Moss. This helps us understand the concept of the Triple Goddess.

Here the reference to the number three in the name Trinity is, again, a reference to sexual interaction between Aryan and Jewish figures. Here Neo (Keanu Reeves), whose alias is Thomas Anderson, is a Jew. Naming convention establishes it. The name Thomas is a Jewish identifier as this study explicates, and Anderson means “Son of Man.” This, again, is a Biblical reference used to identify Jews as world inheritors as well as “second born” vis-à-vis Aryans. This will also be explicated.

Trinity, in contrast, represents the Aryan woman becoming Jewess. The “red pill” here, Alt Righters will be pleased to learn…

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