Avoiding the Thought Police

Founding Questions

Our man Ragnarok can really turn a phrase:

As for metaphorically speaking, I doubt all these caveats will stop some bull dyke from metaphorically attaching those crocodile clips to your metaphorical balls and flipping the metaphorical switch when the time comes.

This is true. There’s no avoiding the Thought Police. I do the “metaphor!” thing for two reasons: Mostly, it just amuses me. But I was also kinda sorta hoping it might keep the more on-the-ball Federal types from giving it a go in the comments — nah, brah, take your five hardcore ‘Murrica-lovin’ patriots who just need one more guy in order to [obvious entrapment] on down the line. It seems that has failed, though, as it only works on the smart ones, and, well…

I think it was the tall one with the high and tight fade who showed up yesterday, but I’m always willing to listen to…

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Russia’s Vaccine Mandate: “I Believe We Are Facing an Evil that Has No Equal in Human History”

Aisle C

Interview with Moscow-based author, Riley Waggaman

ByRiley WaggamanandMike Whitney

Global Research, November 29, 2021


In terms of safety, how does Sputnik V’s stack up against Pfizer’s shot and other mRNA vaccines? It’s difficult to say. Russia does not have a VAERS-like database for reporting suspected adverse events among the general public. In fact,there is no regularly updated, publicly available data on any post-vaccination complications in Russia. It seems the Russian government’s position is that they do not exist. But doctors and lawmakers tell a different story, one supported by an informal database of suspected vaccine-linked deaths. Undeterred, authorities have compared these concerned citizens to “terrorists” and are now threatening “anti-vax” doctors with fines and even prison time, in essence making any medical professional who questions the vaccine a suspected criminal in the eyes of the Russian government.

There is another, equally alarming element to…

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South Africa Asked Pfizer And Johnson & Johnson to Stop Delivering COVID-19 Jabs Days Before ‘Discovery’ of Omicron Variant

The Most Revolutionary Act

NWO Report


The latest ‘scary’ variant in the COVID-19 saga is named omicron.

Mainstream media is going into fearmongering overdrive, and politicians have taken steps to create a self-manufactured crisis.

Yet, South Africa hasn’t resorted to panic mode following news of the omicron variant.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee noted unusual but mild symptoms in her patients.

South African residents don’t appear to be afraid of the virus either.

The country has a relatively low COVID-19 inoculation rate and built a stockpile of unused COVID-19 jabs.

South Africa’s COVID-19 inoculation campaign came grinding to a halt, and they asked manufacturers to stop sending them additional doses.

However, something strange happened shortly after this exchange between South Africa and the vaccine manufacturers.

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Lawyer who helped Nick Sandmann sue CNN tells Rittenhouse to go for the big fish: Biden himself — Nwo Report

Vermont Folk Troth

Source: Isa Cox, The Western Journal In 2018, Nick Sandmann found himself the subject of national scorn after a selectively edited clip of him smiling awkwardly while a Native American activist banged a drum in front of him amid a boisterous confrontation between a number of parties outside the Washington Monument following the March for…[…]

Lawyer who helped Nick Sandmann sue CNN tells Rittenhouse to go for the big fish: Biden himself — Nwo Report

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The Art of Ideological Subversion, with Yuri Bezmenov

Carter Heavy Industries

undefinedYuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (Russian:Ю́рийАлекса́ндрович Безме́нов; 1939– 1993),known by the alias;Tomas David Schuman, was aSovietjournalist forRIA Novostiand a formerPGUKGBinformantwho defected toCanada.

After After graduating in 1963, Bezmenov spent two years in India working as a translator andpublic relations officer. Bezmenov eventually grew to love the people and the culture of India, but at the same time, he began to resent the KGB-sanctioned oppression of intellectuals who dissented from Moscow’s policies.
In 1965, Bezmenov was recalled to Moscow and began to work forRIA Novostias an apprentice for their classified department of “Political Publications” (GRPP). He discovered that about three quarters of Novosti’s staffers were actually KGB officers, with the remainder being “co-optees” or KGBfreelance writersand informers like himself.

Bezmenov stated that he was instructed not to waste time with idealisticleftists, as these would become disillusioned, bitter, and adversarial when they realized the true…

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Economics of Infrastructure Investment

Science Matters

Mathew Kahn discusses the ramifications of the major transportation spending recently passed by the US Congress. Of course, as the pie chart shows, infrastructure as many people think of it—construction or improvement of bridges, highways, roads, rail and subways, ports, waterways, and airports—accounts for only $157 billion, or 7%, of the plan’s estimated cost.  Still that is a lot of money (“A billion here, a billion there, and soon it adds up to real money”–US Senator), and Kahn provides a list of concerns in his article What Insights Does Economics Offer About the Nascent Biden Administration Transport Infrastructure Investment Program?   Excerpts in italics with my bolds and images.

The Washington Post has published a piece stating that the Secretary of Transportation, Peter Buttigieg, is the big winner of the Biden Infrastructure Bill as he will be attending many ribbon cutting ceremonies as grateful local mayors shake his hand.

Economic research…

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Drone Wars

Weapons and Warfare

In May 2013, President Barack Obama gave a long-anticipated speech at the National Defense University, at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., in which he said it was time to bring the war on terror to a close. “This war, like all wars, must end,” he said, and quoted the 1795 warning by James Madison, who stated, “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” It was President Obama’s first war speech of his second term.

In the context of the history of the modern American war machine—the advanced science and technology of which is spearheaded by DARPA—there was significance in the president’s words and symmetry in the locale. It was here at Fort McNair that, fifty-five years earlier, twenty-two defense scientists gathered to produce ARPA Study No. 1, the first of thousands of secret and unclassified DARPA studies outlining which weapons would best serve the United…

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Dreams in ancient Greek Medicine

Novo Scriptorium

Dreams preoccupied the Greek and Roman world in antiquity; therefore they had a prominent role in social, philosophical, religious, historical and political life of those times. Ancient Greek physicians tried to give a rational answer for the creation and content of dreams setting aside any supernatural beliefs.

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On Integral Alchemy

Profane Light

The familiar image of the alchemist that has come down through history is that of an old, bearded man with long robes bent over glass flasks in a medieval laboratory, preparing a secret concoction that would turn lead into gold. This may be quaint and charming, but it isn’t really what alchemy is about. This is not to deny that medieval alchemists were, in fact, preparing secret concoctions in their laboratories, but to highlight the deeper reality beneath the surface appearance of things. Alchemists knew that the secret substance, the so-called magical “philosopher’s stone,” was their own transformed consciousness. Unless they had gone through inner alchemy, as a process of purification by fire to eliminate all of the heavy, leaden aspects of their own personality in order to achieve a (golden) state of enlightened awareness, there would be no corresponding change in the material world, or in the chemical substances…

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Another Housing Crisis in America Is Coming

Desultory Heroics

By Tim Kirby

Source: Covert Geopolitics

There is now an unprecedented spike in housing costs while COVID-19 has driven down the wealth of the average American.

Let’s begin our discussion of the next Housing Crisis with a relevant personal anecdote, that is a microcosm of what is happening all over the United States right now.

Some of my relatives made the wise decision to live within their means and build a smaller (by American standards) house in the early 2000s. They live in the Midwest which means there is generally plenty of space for a big house even within city limits. Mortgages and loans were super easy to get for even fantastically large sums of money at that time. So my kin were definitely in the minority in terms of choosing something smaller and affordable rather than a giant debt pit with a huge kitchen. In a region of America…

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Panasonic discloses Data Breach


Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has disclosed a major security breach after an unidentified threat actor had gained access to its internal network.

The Osaka-based company said it detected the security breach earlier this month.

As the result of an internal investigation, it was determined that some data on a file server had been accessed during the intrusion.

Panasonic statement

Japanese news outlets like  Mainichi  and  NHK  managed to find out more details about the intrusions, including the fact that attackers managed to gain access to sensitive information such as customer details, employee personal information, Panasonic technical files from the company’s domestic operations.

The two news outlets said the hacker(s) had access to the company’s server for more than four months, from June 22 to November 3, before being discovered by the company following abnormal network traffic.

No other details are currently available, but over the past three years, almost all…

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Did you Know… Taking a picture of something reduces your ability to remember it?

Simon's Space

Fact, snippets of useless information and all of that kind of thing makes up most of what’s in my brain – so I thought I would infect the general interweb with al of this and see what fact I can trawl for you!


Did you know…

Taking a picture of something reduces your ability to remember it? I had no idea, I imagine our minds stop trying to remember becasue we’re recorded it? Maybe it’s becasue we’re too busy taking a picture…

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