The Complete Atheist’s Guide to Rationally Grounding Objective Morality on Atheism


Morality has always been a problem for atheists, given that the worldview of atheism is unable to rationally ground the foundations of objective morality:

  • Objective moral values
  • Objective moral duties
  • Accountability for moral choices
  • Free will, for making moral choices
  • Ultimate significance, in an afterlife

Each of these is not available on atheism, because if atheism is true, then the universe is an accident, human beings are accidents, and there is no design for how humans ought to be, no free will, and no accountability in an afterlife for those who escape consequences for their actions before they die.

So, how can atheists rationally ground objective morality without a Cosmic designer and an objective design for how humans ought to be?

It’s easy. And I will show you how to do it, using some examples.

Ed Buck and Hillary Clinton Ed Buck and Hillary Clinton

So, before we see how to rationally ground objective morality…

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Drone warfare whistleblower sentenced to 45 months in prison for telling the American people the truth.

Desultory Heroics

Drone warfare whistleblower sentenced to 45 months in prison for telling the American people the truth.

By Chris Hedges


Daniel Hale, a former intelligence analyst in the drone program for the Air Force who as a private contractor in 2013 leaked some 17 classified documents about drone strikes to the press, was sentenced today [7/27/21] to 45 months in prison.

The documents,publishedbyThe Intercepton October 15, 2015, exposed that between January 2012 and February 2013, US special operations airstrikes killed more than 200 people. Of those, only 35 were the intended targets. For one five-month period of the operation, according to the documents, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets. The civilian dead, usually innocent bystanders, were routinely classified as “enemies killed in action.”

The Justice Department coerced Hale, who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, on…

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How Self-Preservation Becomes Self-Destruction — VikingLifeBlog

Our righteous work is marked by the preservation of the beautiful, the wise, the strong, and the virtuous. This preservation flows outward from the individual, but does not have the individual at its heart. The center of our righteous work is found in the entire people of whom we are a part, not in ourselves […]

How Self-Preservation Becomes Self-Destruction — VikingLifeBlog

They want total monopoly on programming NPCs.

Climate Goals End In Penalties

In the summer of 2019 there seems to have been a definite push to persuade the Great British Public that we need to make huge sacrifices in the cause of saving the planet. On 29th August 2019, an articlei written by everyone’s favourite BBC environment analyst, Roger Harrabin, appeared on the BBC website under the […]

Climate Goals End In Penalties

Ghosts within the machine: Malicious bots unfold COVID untruths — The Culture War

[ad_1] Malicious bots, or automated software program that simulates human exercise on social media platforms, are the first drivers of COVID-19 misinformation, spreading myths and seeding public well being mistrust exponentially sooner than human customers might, suggests a research revealed yesterday in JAMA Inner Drugs.Led by College of California at San Diego (UCSD) researchers, a […]

Ghosts within the machine: Malicious bots unfold COVID untruths — The Culture War


The Peace Pirate

America’s Allies Must Increasingly Rethink Their Foreign Relations In Light Of China’s Ascendancy.

The economy of the People’s Republic of China has been growing much faster than that of the United States for decades. So too has China’s average real wage. China is now the world’s second superpower, catching up to the United States economically if not (yet) militarily. Its political influence grew alongside its GDP. Where once the chief scapegoat for America was the USSR/Russia, China has replaced the latter in that position. The global tourist industry courts Chinese big spenders.

China’s technical advances continue to amaze and impress most of the world.

The basic story here replicates in large part the story of the United States and the British Empire. The United States was once a mere colony, humiliated as well as economically abused by its colonizer. China suffered similarly at the hands of its colonizing abusers, although…

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DR. DAVID MARTIN w/ STEW PETERS: “There Is No Virus. This Is Organized Crime.”

Ascension Avatar

Controlled-opposition agent Stew Peters (i.e Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Robert David Steele, Joe Rogan, Mike Adams, Jimmy Dore) interviews Dr. David Martin about the ‘COVID’ narrative. . .


[As a service to protect truth from censorship and to share widely, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, Brighteon, and Odysee channels. All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Please follow links provided to support their work.]

Partial transcript provided by Truth Comes to Light editor.

David Martin:

When you inject a known toxin into person, you are actually injecting an agent of death. That’s what you’re doing.


David Martin:

And we have, without question, the architect of this scam, on record, in 2015 stating that “a key driver is the media and economics will follow the hype”.

That is collusion…

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Facebook Tumbles On Disappointing DAUs, Warning Revenue Growth Will “Decelerate Significantly”

Additional survival tricks
Facebook Tumbles On Disappointing DAUs, Warning Revenue Growth Will “Decelerate Significantly” After yesterday’s tech bonanza which saw Google surge, Apple fall and Microsoft swing when the 3 gigacaps reported more than $57 billion in net income, we now get the 4th FAAMG – Facebook – before Amazon closes the books on the 5 companies that…

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